With a highly skilled workforce and lower operational costs, Wyoming County is a regional leader in green technologies and metals-based manufacturing, and is home to significant operations for global corporations that include API Heat Tranfser, Koike Aronson, Prestolite Electric and Markin Tubing.



GREEN POWER: Our geography, climate and agricultural industries have positioned Wyoming County as a leader in green energy technology. Research, development and production opportunities in wind, solar and anaerobic energy technologies and related industries are a primary focus of our economic development strategy.

PRECISION AGRICULTURE: With production forecasted to continue its upward trend, there are excellent opportunities for businesses in all agricultural support areas, from equipment manufacturing and supply to farm equipment mechanics, technicians and everything in between.

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Green pastures and a temperate climate make Wyoming County #1 for dairy and #2 in New York State for maple production with significant corn, bean, berry, apple, and potato crops too. In addition, our proximity to several universities specializing in agriculture and engineering has made Wyoming County a front-runner in the development of precision agriculture, helping farmers optimize production through sustainable and affordable methods. Significant companies already calling Wyoming home are Morton Salt and Creative Food ingredients.

Food Processing: Wyoming County’s food processing industry has grown by more than 50% since 2010, thanks to low costs of doing business, a highly skilled workforce and easy access to key ingredients. Our capacity for growth remains strong with excellent opportunities for companies expanding manufacturing capabilities and for private-label and contract terms.

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Recreation and Tourism

With breathtaking trails and parks – including Letchworth State Park, known as “the Grand Canyon of the East” – Wyoming County’s natural beauty and varied terrain make it a year-round destination for more than 2.5 million athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The strong and growing demand for existing support businesses means that opportunities are extraordinary for service and goods industries like retail, restaurant and hospitality.





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